The bypass will improve fisheries

The creeks in the Little Lake Valley are part of the headwaters of the Eel River.  They will not only be preserved by a detailed plan to minimize impacts during construction; the mitigation being funded due to this project will greatly increase the overall quality of fisheries habitat in this area.willits_valley

Culverts on Haehl and Upp Creeks are being removed and two culverts on Ryan Creek will be replaced with natural bottom culverts.  Removal of the culverts at Haehl and Upp Creeks will open the headwater sections of those creeks to spawning fish.  Installing natural bottom culverts on Ryan Creek will allow summering juvenile Southern Oregon-Northern California Coasts Coho salmon, a species designated as threatened, to seek summer rearing habitat and greatly increase the species long-term survival outlook.

Along all creeks within the mitigation properties, invasive non-native plants will be removed and replaced with native plants.  Fencing will also be installed along all of the creeks within the mitigation properties keeping cattle out of the creeks and riparian zones, increasing water quality and fisheries habitat.