Mendocino County Supervisor John McCowen supports Willits Bypass

Mendocino-County-LogoIn a March 21, 2013 letter to Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty, Mendocino County Second District Supervisor John McCowen expressed his support for the Willits Bypass Project. . .

Re: Willits Bypass

Dear Mr. Dougherty,

I am writing to express my personal support for getting the Willits bypass project back on track.  The current bypass route was the result of an extensive public process that thoroughly evaluated all the environmental and engineering related issues.  Significant public funds were expended during an extensive review process that included consideration of numerous alternatives, none of which fulfill the project purpose and need. It is also not true that funds can simply be shifted from the approved project to be used for alternative projects.  The choice at this point is not between the proposed bypass and a more acceptable alternative, but between the proposed route and nothing.  Stopping the present approved project from going forward will guarantee a continuation of the current unacceptable air quality and traffic impacts from U.S. Highway 101 as it passes through Willits.  Please provide the necessary support to ensure that this project proceeds without further delay.  Thank you for your consideration of these comments.


John McCowen
Mendocino County Second District Supervisor

Supervisor John McCowen signed letter (PDF 41K)