October 2014 Willits Bypass Update To Willits City Council

Caltrans staff provided a written update to the Willits City Council on October 22 on the status of the Willits Bypass.  The complete text is provided below.




The south interchange, looking southwest towards existing US Highway 101

The south interchange, looking southwest towards existing US Highway 101

The following is a summary of the construction activities that have been completed up to October 17, 2014 (Refer to Attachment No. 1 for Project Map).

  • Contractor has completed approximately 50% of the work.

Southern Segment (Beginning of Project to Center Valley Road) – STA”A”96+00 to 149+00 (3.3 miles):

  • Rock blanket on excavated slopes (U1 slope) is complete.
  • Construction of crossover detour for northbound freeway traffic to U1 line is complete.
  • Haehl Creek realignment and fish passage improvement work is complete.
  • 101/20 Separation and Haehl Creek Bridges foundations are complete, abutments are complete, 101/20 superstructures anticipate November 2014 completion. Due to short work window and temporary suspension of Corps permit in June 2014, work on Haehl Creek Bridges is suspended and will resume next June 2015 and be complete in October 2015.
  • Northbound onramp E20/N101 Connector Bridge is complete, except for concrete barrier rails.
  • North Haehl Creek Bridge is complete, work on approaches is suspended until spring 2015.
  • Pond relocation at Rutledge property is complete.
  • Baechtel Creek retaining wall is complete, backfill and embankment will be completed in 2015.
  • Embankment between Haehl Creek and Center Valley Road started, but is suspended until 2015.
  • Erosion control is being installed at all locations.

Floodway Viaduct – STA “A” 149+00 to 167+50 (1.2 miles):

  • Frames 1 – 5 superstructure work is ongoing, four large concrete pours have occurred, four more plus hinge closure pours are needed before falsework can be removed. Completion in 2014 will be dependent on fair weather.
  • In Frame 6 – 8 (Bents 24 – 34) all footing and columns will be completed in October 2014. Falsework for Frame 6 is in progress and will suspend for wet conditions. Construction of the superstructure will resume in the spring 2015.
  • City of Willits and Caltrans continue to coordinate work near WWTP [waste water treatment plant] facilities.

North Segment (Viaduct to End of Project – STA “A” 167+50 to 191+10 (1.5 miles):

  • Work in Upp Creek is suspended until June 2015.
  • Utility relocation work is ongoing.
  • Construction of embankment from MFP borrow site is suspended until spring 2015 due to weather.
  • Erosion control is being placed at all locations.