September, 2015 Update to Willits City Council


The following is a summary of the construction activities that have been completed up to September, 2015

  • Contractor has completed approximately 81 % of work on the project.

Southern Segment (Beginning of Project to Center Valley Road) – STA”A”96+00 to 149+00 (3.3 miles):

  • Repair of Haehl Creek realignment and fish passage improvement work is complete with the exception of willow planting.
  • Aggregate base material will be complete by the end of September.
  • The drainage systems are installed with the exception of installing grates and aprons which will occur after paving.
  • Paving is expected to be completed in October 2015.
  • Right and left bridges for 101/20 Separation are complete, except for joint seals, and deck grooving. These items of work will not begin until late in 2015 or early 2016.
  • At Haehl Creek, right and left mainline bridges and southbound off-ramp S101/W20 Connector Bridge Falsework removal in Haehl Creek is complete. Superstructure construction complete. Grinding and joint seals to be complete late 2015 or early 2016.
  • Northbound onramp E20/N101 Connector Bridge is complete except for joint seals, and deck grooving.
  • East Hill Road Undercrossing Bridge is complete except for joints, and deck grooving.
  • North Haehl Creek Bridge is complete except for, joint seals, and deck grinding.
  • Final grading of Rutludge pond area is complete.
  • Aggregate Base between shell lane and Center Valley Road is in complete. Paving is expected to be complete in October 2015.
  • Baechtel Creek Retaining Wall backfill, embankment and final grading is complete. Barrier Rail is likely to be complete in October 2015
  • Erosion control materials are being installed, monitored and maintained at all locations. Final erosion control work will be completed in October, 2015
  • Drainage structures on Center Valley Road are completed and final cleanup ongoing.

Floodway Viaduct – STA “A” 149+00 to 167+50 (1.2 miles):

  • IMG_8779All 8 frames of the Floodway Viaduct are complete
  • Hinges 4, 8, 13, 17 and 22 are complete. Hinges 26 and 30 are under construction.
  • Completion of the Viaduct by September 2015 is anticipated.

North Segment (Viaduct to End of Project – STA “A” 167+50 to 191+10 (1.5 miles):

  • Drainage systems are currently being installed. Completion is expected by November 2015 with the exception of some modifications required near the north tie-in after the traffic switch.
  • Imported fill from the Viaduct to the North interchange is nearly complete. Final grading is in process.
  • Imported fill between Upp Creek and the north tie-in is still in required fill settlement period.
  • Foundations are complete at Quail Meadows Overhead, Quail Meadows Undercrossing. Superstructure construction is in progress and will be completed in late 2015.
  • Upp Creek Main Line, Upp Creek SB Off Ramp, and Upp Creek NB On Ramp bridges are complete except for joints and grinding.
  • Completion of all mainline and interchange bridges in October 2015 is anticipated.
  • Utility relocation work is ongoing.
  • Erosion control is being installed, monitored and maintained at all locations.

Completion of final grading and paving will be performed in 2016, after fill settlement is complete.