Special Tree Contract Provisions

trees 5-29-18trees 2x 5-29-18Last week it was determined by a certified arborist that two trees had to be removed on Main Street in front of Chase Bank and JD Redhouse.   It was determined that these trees were not in good health before the sidewalk work started.  So far there have been five “Existing Trees to Remain” identified in the three sidewalk segments currently under construction. We were able to work around three of them.  In fact, two of those are the large trees located at 316 S. Main St. (the old environmental center) and 414 S. Main St. (across from Peter’s Sushi).

Did you know that there are special tree provisions in our contract with Granite Construction?

Anytime there is work planned around any of the Existing Trees To Remain (ETR) a certified arborist has to be on site observing to see if the scope of work will cause damage to the these trees. We work very carefully around these trees.  Sometimes we can alter the specifications to accommodate the trees and still adhere to the building codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For example, the width of the sidewalk has to be a minimum of 4.2 feet.   We are able to do some field fitting around these trees to reduce the sidewalk width down to the minimum to give more room for the tree planters.

We are working hard in the field to make sure we have compliance with ADA regulations and room for the trees that the arborist deems as healthy.