After much deliberation, a tree in poor health in front of Savings Bank of Mendocino County will be removed

tree 4- 7-24-18

For the last two weeks Caltrans and the City of Willits have been trying everything possible to keep this tree (pictured above)  located in front of Savings Bank of Mendocino County at 145 South Main Street.  Sadly, today it was decided by both parties that it is in the best interest of safety to remove this tree.

This process started on July 11 when the certified arborist was on-site monitoring during the concrete curb/asphalt removal activities around this segment of the Downtown Sidewalk project.

The contractor’s aborist recommended that the tree be removed due to the removal of three large roots in the way of the sidewalk construction.  It was determined that the tree will lose at least 30% of its stability.

Following the tree removal protocol, the City of Willits and City Planner, Dusty Duley were notified. The City reviewed the arborist report and decided to try and see what could be done to keep the tree.  The city hired a second arborist to review the tree.  Their arborist evaluated the tree and came to the similar conclusion.

Both arborists have said in order to avoid the inevitable risk of tree failure causing damage to infrastructure or pedestrians, the removal of this tree is recommended.

The tree is scheduled to be removed Wednesday, July 25.