One tree to be removed in front of Willits Taco House

Taco house 6-14-18

On Tuesday, June 12, the certified arborist was on-site monitoring during the concrete curb/asphalt removal activities around three street trees.  These trees are located on the west side of Main Street/Hwy 101 south of Sherwood Road, in front of the Willits Taco House.

Two of the three trees were determined to be able to survive the excavation work required for the new sidewalk and curb.  One tree (tree #2) needed a number of large structural roots to be removed to allow enough room for the sub-grade of the new curb and sidewalk. It was determined that this tree would not survive the severed roots.

Following the tree removal protocol, the City of Willits was notified and City Planner, Dusty Duley came out to the site to review the trees.  The City reviewed the arborist report and agreed with the recommendation to remove tree #2 due to the fact that the structural integrity of the tree has been comprised and will pose a hazard to the public.

Tree #2 is scheduled to be removed Friday, June 15.  There are plans to designate a landscape area at that location to give the opportunity for planting more trees and/ or plants at a later date.

From the arborist’s report:

“During the removal of the asphalt sidewalk and curb around Tree # 1, a minimal amount of small feeder roots were exposed.  During the excavation down to sub-grade for the curb, many small feeder roots were exposed and severed. During the excavation down to sub-grade for the sidewalk only one tree root that was less than 1 inch in diameter was severed and a minimal amount of small feeder roots were severed. No large anchor roots were exposed.

During the removal of the asphalt sidewalk and curb around Tree # 2 a large quantity of small feeder roots were exposed. During the excavation down to sub-grade for the curb, a number of large structural roots were exposed and needed to be severed to allow room for the installation of the new curb.

During the removal of the asphalt sidewalk and curb around Tree # 3, a minimal amount of small feeder roots were exposed. During the excavation down to sub-grade for the curb and sidewalk, only a few small feeder roots were exposed and severed. No large anchor roots were exposed.


Due to the significant loss of feeder roots and the severing of a significant amount of very large structural roots during the excavation activities, it is recommended that Tree # 2 be removed. The cutting of the large roots may impact the structural integrity of the tree and the cut has opened up a wound across a large surface area of the tree root.  It is highly likely that the wound will open the tree to infection and disease and the potential for the tree to recover is slim. In order to avoid the inevitable risk of tree failure causing damage to infrastructure or pedestrians, the removal of this tree is recommended.

The impacts to Tree # 1 and Tree # 3 due to the excavation activities to sub-grade were minor. As such, these two trees are not recommended for removal and their survival is fully expected.”




Work on Sherwood Road Realignment Project Begins June 4

WillitsMeeting_03042014One of the final pieces to the relinquishment agreement between Caltrans and the City of Willits is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 4. The Sherwood Road Realignment Project will improve the function of this high traffic volume intersection.

The first order of work will be vegetation removal on the hillside next to Sherwood Road. The tree removal will occur at night between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. in order to reduce impacts to traffic. One-way traffic control will be in effect with short delays.

Willits Flowers embraces “Safety Orange”

IMG_0150Willits Flowers owner Wil Gonzalez has decorated his TPAR, (Temporary Pedestrian Access Route) with beautiful flowers and colorful fabric.

Wil posted on social media:

“Good thing I love SAFETY ORANGE!!! Tearing up the sidewalk in front of Willits Flowers. Give us a TPAR ( Temporary Pedestrian Access Route ) and we will decorate it!!! Wheee…Give me lemons…”

“We ARE Open… The work team has been as helpful as possible. Thank you City of Willits and Cal-Trans.”


Special Tree Contract Provisions

trees 5-29-18trees 2x 5-29-18Last week it was determined by a certified arborist that two trees had to be removed on Main Street in front of Chase Bank and JD Redhouse.   It was determined that these trees were not in good health before the sidewalk work started.  So far there have been five “Existing Trees to Remain” identified in the three sidewalk segments currently under construction. We were able to work around three of them.  In fact, two of those are the large trees located at 316 S. Main St. (the old environmental center) and 414 S. Main St. (across from Peter’s Sushi).

Did you know that there are special tree provisions in our contract with Granite Construction?

Anytime there is work planned around any of the Existing Trees To Remain (ETR) a certified arborist has to be on site observing to see if the scope of work will cause damage to the these trees. We work very carefully around these trees.  Sometimes we can alter the specifications to accommodate the trees and still adhere to the building codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For example, the width of the sidewalk has to be a minimum of 4.2 feet.   We are able to do some field fitting around these trees to reduce the sidewalk width down to the minimum to give more room for the tree planters.

We are working hard in the field to make sure we have compliance with ADA regulations and room for the trees that the arborist deems as healthy.

Segment 1 Progress

The sidewalk pour is complete on Main St. from Highway 20 to Alameda Ave. East (segment #1).  Granite Construction is making great progress, just some finishing touches are left to complete.

On Monday, May 21 sidewalk work began on Main Street from JD Redhouse and Company to Chase Bank (a portion of segment 6).  Work will wrap up by June 22 in time for Frontier Days.

IMG_0124IMG_0125 (002)seg 1- 5-21-18

Thank You from Willits Head Start

We got a nice note from Willits Head Start program last week:

“I would like to give a huge shout out to The Willits Unified School District Bus Barn, Caltans District 1, and The Willits Police Department! Thank you for volunteering your time to come visit our classrooms today. You have all helped our children gear up for the summer ahead.

Alexis England from Caltrans stopped by to talk to us about staying safe during the road construction that is happening in our town, and The Willits Police Department came to talk with us about pedestrian safety. Thank you to all who have helped the future of our community learn a little more.”head starthead start 2

Sidewalk Construction Update:

IMG_0092 (002)

Work starts on Monday, May 7 on Segment #1 (Main St. from Hwy 20 to Alameda Ave East) and on Segment #4 (from Alameda Ave to California Street West side).

In these segments, there will be no parking on Main St. and a temporary pedestrian access route is set up.

All business will be open during construction.

Downtown Business Owners: find out which segment you are located in and the construction schedule- click link below…/willits-sidewal…

PowerPoint Presentation

More construction timeline documents are available at the tab at the top of this page click on SideWalk Project Plans or the link below

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Willits Downtown Sidewalk construction has begun

The Willits Downtown Sidewalk Improvements construction project began this week.

The first phase is potholing and saw cutting all along Main Street from Highway 20 to Valley Street.  Potholing means the process of hand digging holes in the roadway to double-check that all the buried utility, water, fiber optic, and sewer lines are indeed at the depth utilities said they are.  This helps to avoid cutting or damaging the lines during construction.  The potholing is scheduled to be complete by May 4.

Saw cutting is the term used for making a cut through the old sidewalks in preparation for the actual demolition and removal work.  (See Sidewalk Project Plans tab on the top of this web page for approximate work dates for segments and segment maps)  Saw cutting is planned to complete by May 11.

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Willits Downtown Sidewalk Improvements Open House

Caltrans and the City of Willits are hosting an informational open house for the Willits Rehabilitation and Relinquishment of Old Highway 101 on Tuesday, April 17 at Willits City Hall Community Room at 111 East Commercial Street, Willits.

The public is invited to drop in anytime from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  Caltrans and other officials will be on hand to answer questions.  The project plans and tentative work schedule will be available for review.  Merchants and interested residents can learn how to sign up for construction updates.

The construction contract was awarded to Granite Construction.   The project is tentatively scheduled to start at the end of April and be completed by the end of November 2018.

This project will bring the road into good repair and then turn it over the City of Willits and the County of Mendocino.  Phase one work includes upgrading sidewalks and curbs to current accessibility standards, upgrades to existing drainage facilities, slurry seal, and restriping.  Phase two includes grinding, paving and restriping the roadway.